Monday, May 21, 2012

Under Pressure!

And the Preakness ends with a photo finish!!  I’m so excited for my thoroughbred friend and potential Triple-Crown winner…it just so happens that “I’ll Have Another” is one of my most frequently used phrases (you all know my affection for confections)!  Being in the spotlight can put a lot of pressure on my equine friends, and just like humans, horses can get stressed out too. 

The Rutgers horses have plenty of opportunity to socialize!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mint Juleps & Tacos

And they’re off!

Did everyone watch the race on Saturday?  It was so thrilling, I even put down the mint julep I had in one hoof (in celebration of the Derby) and the taco I had in the other (in celebration of Cinco de Mayo) to cheer for my athletic friends!  What a great race!

This weekend, some noteworthy equine athletes will be participating in an event located nearby to the place that I call home…the Horse Park of New Jersey!  This competition will showcase the equestrian sport of 3-day eventing, and is sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture's "Jersey Fresh" initiative. The event, which runs from Friday (5/11) through Sunday (5/13), attracts some of the nation's best riders and is fantastic fun for the entire family!